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Portoula Pine Honey 127gr/14.1oz

Portoula Pine Honey 127gr/14.1oz

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Our beekeeper tirelessly travels to the island of Evia to harvest this distinct and earthy variety. Evia is known for its beautiful, lush pine forests, and August on the island provides an ideal microclimate for producing this highly aromatic and delicious honey. The gentle extraction and minimal handling from the beekeeper ensures that the rich, nutritious, and healing properties of the honey are retained.

Tasting notes: Complex, earthy, sweet and spicy! With a heavenly pine aroma and a lightly resinous finish.

Serving suggestions: Always ready for a party, this variety enjoys the company of slightly sharp and nutty cheeses (think Parmigiano Reggiano, Manchego), and soft bloomy rind cheeses (like La Tur and Camembert). Take your salad to the next level by adding to a vinaigrette, or get really chef-y and drizzle it on roasted peaches. While smiling. Because everything tastes better when you cook and smile.

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