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Portoula Oak Honey 127gr/14.1oz

Portoula Oak Honey 127gr/14.1oz

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Our Oak honey is harvested each July in the pristine Arcadian mountains of the Peloponnese in Greece. The bees move freely among the native oak trees found throughout the remote and wild terrain where the hives are kept. The unique flora of the region contributes to a honey that is dark, thick, and complex in taste. In studies, Oak honey has been shown to have the highest antioxidant content of all honey varieties, including Manuka honey.

Tasting notes: Unique and complex. Earthy, warm, almost smoky. Mild sweetness with notes of caramel and molasses, and a tangy finish.

Serving suggestions: This strong and serious type is the perfect partner for aged and alpine cheeses like Cheddar and Gruyere. Works beautifully as a glaze for pork dishes. And if your idea of heaven is anything like ours…try it on a warm buttermilk biscuit. You’re welcome.

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